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You're a guy. It was a coed locker room. Being naked was mandatory. issues with being nude in a locker room and showering in public (although coed is. The voices were getting closer.

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There are many similarities between the two, except for one: public bathing at a Roman bath meant exactly that - one undressed, bathed and used the toilet without the benefit of any privacy whatsoever. In my regular men's league games I get dressed in the locker room The league I played in the most was coed with quite a lot of women in it. If so, we do our best not to be entirely naked while they're in the locker room. Like every victim of a gruesome circumstance, I should be allowed to take a moment to absorb the events and let the initial shock leave to check myself for any injuries other than my pride, of course.

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Peoples attitudes about nudity are basically cultural, and therfore are changeable. But on the whole, I'd much rather have co-ed locker rooms. But really, I gave birth buck naked in front of my father-in-law twice - any modesty I. If it worked on bears, maybe it worked on teenagers with ambiguous genders.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, pm. Honestly, it's not really that big of a deal. You just go in, change, and go back out. Sometimes there are naked women, naked guys, or both. It's not like anyone is. A few don't bother.

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What made it even more weird was one, she graduated a couple years after me from the same high school and two, wound up at the same bar later that night and offered to buy my buddy a drink. I heard that in Europe, well Germany at the FKK pools there are coed locker rooms. This makes sense because the FKK pools are nude swim. I like my own personal space, thank you very much.

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Tamilnadu Ration Card Download. Last month, senior Leslie Shorb pulled all her clothes off and jumped into a shower in the boy's locker room along with five naked male. Toggle navigation.

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You're not jerking off, are ya? Guys will strip down but they aren't walking around the locker room. I personally don't go down to naked in a co-ed room. I will usually change. I walk to and from the shower with the towel wrapped loosely around me but when I'm dressing or undressing I dont cover my parts.

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August 19, at AM. Maybe all that drain hair was plaguing my immune system. I still get teased about this but it's OK and they still don't know I'm bi.

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You change clothes and store in lockers and then proceed separately through the showers and bathrooms area into the main pools. Well.. coed locker rooms would definitely encourage people to be in naked, nubile 17 year old girls are the best argument i can think of in. KritterMar 4,

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I wasn't comfortable being all naked in a communal showering location, but I was sweaty as all hell and I think all the eau de gym class rubbed off on me or something. Coed gym was the pits, for numerous reasons. From the fact .. Of naked time that took place outside the boys' locker rooms or broom closets. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


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